How To's

How To #1

How To #1: Remove a ring safely from your finger

One thing we constantly see - rings stuck on fingers! We hope we wouldn't have to cut a ring loose from your finger (although we have thousands of times). Here's how you can avoid this trip into Vardy's. 


Step 1: Don't panic -

As soon as you feel like your ring is stuck, remain calm. The more you try to fight it off, the more swollen your finger will get.


Step 2: Ice your finger -

This will help reduce any swelling


Step 3: Elevate your hand -

This will help the blood circulate. (And you can show off your beautiful ring too 😉


Step 4: Grab the window cleaner!

Window cleaners are even more slippery than soap or lotion. Spray some on both sides your finger and slowly walk off your ring